JULY 29, 2023

By Daniel Abas 7 min read

Introducing Mesh API: A Breakdown

Introducing Mesh API: A Breakdown


In November, we unveiled TAGS, backed by an initial $3.5M in funding that quickly oversubscribed to $4.2M. We proposed a vision that would transform the commerce landscape by enabling instant points of sale to occur on any format of media, with no code. By decentralizing commerce, we’ve transformed transactions into interactions, conveniently monetizing where the customer is, instead of where retailers have always needed them to go.

We ratcheted our buy-anywhere technology in February with the release of Network, empowering anyone to generate their own checkout for any product and sell anywhere in just two clicks. Network combines TAGS’ omnichannel transactional power with the distribution and scale of user generated content. This first of its kind commerce distribution engine is organic, automated, and authentic - the complete opposite of digital advertising.


Just as Amazon unlocked the ease of online purchases, eBay pioneered peer-to-peer buying, and Shopify empowered individual merchants, TAGS is ushering in a new era — people powered commerce. To date, we have onboarded thousands of customers and creators who have accelerated tag creation by 12X. Our vision to place a buy button everywhere is being realized through the desire and distribution of people and platforms.

Today we're thrilled to take the next giant leap with the launch of our API, which we call Mesh. Mesh pollinates the broader marketing ecosystem with TAGS’ distributed and shareable commerce capabilities. Of the $27 trillion in global annual retail spend, less than 20% of sales are done online. Retailers are buried under layers of legacy technologies that are not compatible with the omnichannel and immediate desires of customers today.


With Mesh, our commerce infrastructure upgrades the entire legacy marketing ecosystem with instant, shareable, commissionable, and attributed omnichannel points of sale. From affiliate marketing to augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, our vision to place a buy button everywhere is being accelerated further by pollinating the marketing layers around us. 

As we chart our course forward, strategic partnerships lie at the heart of this next chapter and I’m pleased to share that TAGS will be joining forces with some of the most innovative companies on the planet that are embracing the future of decentralized commerce.

First, we’re pleased to partner with GRIN, the leader in influencer marketing software. We're revolutionizing the way creators interact with brands, by shortening the distance to participate, share, and get paid. TAGS empowers creators to carve out more equitable relationships, spawn points of sale on any platform, and gain immediate access to payouts for sales they facilitate.

In our pursuit of transforming the digital commerce landscape on and offline, we are also excited to announce our partnership with Interpublic Group (IPG), the global provider of marketing solutions and one of the world's most innovative agency conglomerates. Through this partnership, we're activating campaigns across their network of agencies, working with renowned brands like Bosch and Verizon to monetize any format of advertising. Our technology is creating unprecedented ease for marketers to swiftly monetize media, devoid of any requirement for complex coding or integration upkeep.

Finally, we are thrilled to partner with BigCommerce and Feedonomics, by generating tags for thousands of product SKUs. With Mesh, developers, platforms, and creators can generate their own checkouts for any product and turn any surface into a transactional point of sale, with a click. Marketplaces will be born in minutes, advertisements will become transactional and commerce will be democratized.

TAGS is launching Mesh with three leaders in their respective categories; Influencer Marketing, Global Advertising, and Commerce Platform. As we stride confidently forward, we invite you to be a part of our journey. Mesh API is in beta and available for testing. We welcome developers and platforms to reach out for a demo.

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