To the Creator Community

No one remembers the exact day that entertainment changed.

It happened so quietly. Pixel by pixel, upload by upload. From down the street and from across the planet. You wanted to tell stories. Or teach a skill. Or explain a point of view. Or even just make people laugh. Technology gave you the tools and the channels, and the content kept flowing, wider and deeper every day, steady as a river.

Until one day it wasn't a river anymore. It was the ocean.

Today, the creator community has evolved into a group that's decentralized, fiercely entrepreneurial, fundamentally inclusive, and absolutely massive—it is vastly more powerful than it knows. How can this community discover its collective voice and begin to unlock that power?

We don't claim to have all the answers. But we believe that we have the right questions. The answers will come... through trial and error, through flashes of inspiration, through exchange of ideas and purposeful collaboration—core practices that every creator has relied on.

What creators need is a home, and we want to build it. Over the past year, we've laid a foundation for the essentials: educational opportunities, accreditation infrastructure, and common spaces to connect with and celebrate one another. Without such resources, how can this community move forward?

We want to build a home that endures. We want to build it on the values intrinsic to your work—in a spirit of authenticity, transparency and basic fairness. You're invited to build it with us. In fact, we can't do it without you.

The only way forward is together.

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